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The Experience

The Engagement

Since we are all about forming relationships with our clients, it's very important to us that we are a perfect fit for our clients. How do we know if we're a good fit? It all starts with the consultation. Think of it as our 'first date.' We're going to test the water a bit. We'll talk about where you met, how he proposed, how you met your fiancee, etc. Then we'll talk about your wedding and how your personal style is going to show through. Why are blue and orange your colors? Why a DJ vs a band? What's the deal with your crazy family? Finally, we'll talk about our photography and how you see it fitting in with your wedding. You'll probably know if we're a good fit right away. Think about your first date with your future husband or wife, you probably knew before that date was over that there was something special about this one. We want clients that are super-excited about how our photography fits their wedding. We want to create images that you will be extremly excited to show off. This will only happen if we are as selective as you are when it comes to picking who we work with. This is why the 'first date' is so important. Because consultations can lengthly, if you're a little unsure about all this, let's set up a phone consultation first. Then if you're ready to go, we can schedule a consultation!

As You Plan Your Wedding

Assuming the First Date is a hit, we'll walk you through the booking process and get going with all the fun preceding the wedding. At least 6 months out from the wedding, we'll schedule engagements photos. We really enjoy engagement sessions! This gives us a chance to get comfortable working together and we get a good sense of your chemistry as a couple. This also gives you a great opportunity to pick a location or a theme for the shoot that might have special meaning to you as a couple. Where you met? A certain hobby you enjoy together? Reenacting a unique proposal story? If you don't already have a spot or idea in mind, we have recommendations of locations around the city. We can even grab dinner or a drink afterwards and have a good time getting to know more about each other. Around 4 months from the wedding, we'll schedule a bridal session. Once more, this gives you an opportunity to pick a location that might have special meaning for you. We have suggestions of locations for these as well. Bridals are great 'trial-runs' for future brides, as it gives you a chance to see exactly how you'll look and feel on the big day! The week of your wedding, we'll be sure we're clear on all the details for the wedding weekend. We know it can be a stressful time, so we're sure to gather all the information we need to make for a worry-free experience.  

The Honeymoon

We will call this the 'honeymoon! While you're off enjoying some tropical paradise, we will be busy sorting through your photos, processing them, and making your images look fabulous. We will also be designing a post on our blog with some "sneak peak images". The next step will be for you to come by our studio to pick up your disks and album information. We will discuss your album options that are included in your package and any other additional options. We want our clients not only to get great photos, but we really want you to receive the best level of customer service we can provide! We hope that your wedding will not be the last we see you. We would love to continue getting to know you and photographing all the exciting times in your life!